Lal Singh Chaddha : Amir Khan's team denies the allegation of spreading garbage in Ladakh, saying - Rumors were spread about us


The shooting of Aamir Khan's most awaited film 'Lal Singh Chaddha' is currently going on in Ladakh. Recently, a video had surfaced from Wakha village in Ladakh, in which the garbage spread there was shown. The people there accused the entire team of 'Lal Singh Chaddha' that the team spread pollution in Ladakh as well as did not do proper treatment of the waste before leaving from there. Now the statement of Aamir Khan's team has come out in this matter.

Aamir's team denied the allegations

Aamir Khan's production has completely denied the allegation of spreading garbage on it and also said that someone has spread rumors. An official statement has been issued by Aamir Khan Productions. According to the statement, this can be a matter of concern for anyone. Aamir Khan Productions would like to clarify that as a company we follow a strict protocol for cleaning our shooting locations.

According to the statement, “We have a team to oversee the cleanliness which ensures that the shooting site is kept garbage free at all times. At the end of the shoot, it is checked that no dirt of any kind is spread. When we leave a place, we leave it clean.

In the statement, the team of Aamir Khan further said, "We believe that someone has made false allegations against us and has spread rumors of spreading dirt at the shooting site." We strongly refute such claims. We allow checking in at any time.

Questions raised on Aamir Khan's thinking

A post-shooting video was posted on social media. This shows that Aamir's team is leaving garbage everywhere. Posting the video it was written, This is a gift from Bollywood star Aamir Khan to the villagers of Wakha village of Ladakh, who have left the team of Lal Singh Chaddha. Aamir Khan himself talks a lot about cleaning the environment in Satyamev Jayate, but when it comes to himself, this is what happens. Dia Mirza also shared this video.