Kumbhkaran was actually a scientist, read the shocking secrets of this character of Ramayana


There were many such characters in the Ramayana which people still remember. One of these important characters is Kumbhkaran. Kumbhakaran is said to have slept for 6 months and awakened for 6 months. He asked for this boon from Lord Brahma. But the question will definitely come in everyone's mind that after pleasing Brahma ji, why would someone ask for a boon of sleeping for 6 months? This is because the Kumbhakaran was quite blatant and lazy.

Whereas Ravana was a great scientist of his time and was expert in many subjects. The same Kumbhakarana used to spend his time sleeping. But the 6 months in which he awoke, he used to work in big experiments. From the new researches, it is speculated that Kumbhakaran was indeed a scientist. He had made his laboratory a place where no one knew about it. He lived 6 months of the year.

According to the researchers, his laboratory was in a cave in Kishkindha. He did the most important research on Lanka there. Many powerful weapons used by Ravana were developed by Kumbhakaran. He also built several aircraft. Therefore, while people consider him lazy, he was also a great scientist like Ravana.

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However, all this speculation is still theoretical. Researchers are looking for physical evidence that substantiates these theories.