Know why Sapna Chaudhary dances only after wearing a salwar suit


Sapna Chaudhary, the heartbeat of millions of hearts, is known for her tremendous dance. Her famous song 'Teri Aankhya Ka Yo Kajal' can be seen ringing in any party and wedding even today. Today she is at the peak of her success and has also appeared in Big Boss.

Despite being rich, Sapna Chaudhary dances only in a salwar suit, the reason behind it being told by Sapna herself during an interview. She said .. I feel comfortable in a salwar suit. I do not like doing shows in backless because my show also has a family. That's why I like to dance in a salwar suit only.

Let us tell you that there is a lot of crowds to see Sapna Chaudhary's dance. Everyone is crazy about the Sapna and her dance style. However, over time, Sapna has changed a lot and has started appearing in the modern avatar as well.