Know what the Dirty Secrets of Bigg Boss House are!


Well, we are all fond of reality shows, especially when they inform us about weak human behavior. And a show that gives us the same as Bigg Boss. But we have only seen what the cameras see us, and this is mostly misleading. So let's have a look at some of the unspoken rules of Bigg Boss house that the audience will never know:

Wine supply

By the way, we know that liquor is banned inside Bigg Boss house, but can people live without alcohol for so long? Not! Therefore, management supplies them with alcohol in fruit juice packets. When we often see contestants drinking from their bottles, it is not always water.

Intimacy is aired only after permission

There are many times in every season of Bigg Boss when Couple becomes fearless close and cozy. Well, nothing is broadcast without the permission of the contestants. Each contestant signs a contract before the show, clearly stating that the steamy bits cannot be aired without their consent.

Household chores

We often see contestants sweeping, cooking, but in fact, one member of the team comes every morning for cleaning and sometimes cooks for the contestants. But we do not get to see it.

The truth behind voting and elimination

If you have vocally voted for your favorite contestant and they still get evicted, please note that votes are not a complete deal for elimination and retention. As it turns out, the management of Bigg Boss's final decision is which contestants they want to retain (if the person brings in more TRPs) and which contestants to exclude (if the person doesn't add any value to the show Used to be).