Kishore Kumar was punished for not mentioning government schemes, songs were banned


Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared an emergency in the country on 25 June 1975. Emergency was imposed for 21 months from 25 June 1975 to 21 March 1977. During this civil rights were crushed. Censorship was imposed on the press. Revolutionary leaders from all over the country were imprisoned. The same was printed in the newspapers and the same was broadcast on All India Radio, which the government wanted. The information about the emergency in the country was given to the general public through All India Radio.

Many films were banned in Bollywood

Many more leaders opposing Indira's policies were also arrested and put in many jails across the country. Cinema was also no exception to the Emergency. Many people bowed before the government but some refused to do so. One of them was famous singer-composer Kishore Kumar.

It is said that he was very firm in his rules and never compromised on his principles, perhaps as a result of this his songs were banned. In fact, during the Emergency, the Congress government wanted Kishore Kumar to give information about government schemes by singing a song in his voice.

Congress also understood that it needed a voice that could reach out to the general public. Kishore Kumar was very popular in those days. The public was a fan of his voice. Or rather, even today people die on their voice. For this, he approached Kishore Kumar.

Information and Broadcasting Minister VC Shukla in the Indira Gandhi's government sent a message to Kishore Kumar that he should sing songs for Indira Gandhi so that the voice of the government should reach more and more people, but Kishore Kumar refused to sing the song. Kishore Kumar asked the message sender why he should sing this song, he said, because VC Shukla has given him this order.

On hearing the order, Kishore Kumar got enraged and refused, scolding him. This thing went so much to Congress that they banned Kishore Kumar's songs on All India Radio and Doordarshan. This ban continued from 3 May 1976 till the end of the Emergency. Kishore Kumar's songs were not played on All India Radio and Doordarshan.