Kartik Aryan: Kangana Ranaut's open support for Karthik, wrote, 'Be disciplined and trust yourself!'


Actress Kangana Ranaut has targeted producer Karan Johar on the release of actor Karthik Aryan from Dharma Productions 'Dostana 2'. Kangana supported Karthik last night by tweeting one after the other and told him that he need not fear those who are blaming his attitude for dropping out of the film.

Since the alleged suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput last year, Kangana has opened up a front against nepotism, gang rape, and pseudo-journalism in Hindi cinema. Kangana has also received a lot of support from many sections. But for this, he also suffered a lot. In his office in Mumbai, the local municipality had also taken action to demolish some construction as illegal. After this entire campaign, he was also provided security by the central government.

On Friday, it was reported from Dharma Productions that the company had removed film actor Karthik Aaryan from his film 'Dostana 2' and also blacklisted him from his forever. On social media, many people also targeted Karan Johar and tried to relate the matter to the behavior of Sushant.

Kangna also took a front about this late at night. He wrote, 'Karthik's success so far is his own, and he will continue to succeed. The plea from 'Papa Joe' and his Napo Gang club is to leave him alone and not force him to hang on, looking behind him like Sushant. Also written 'Chindi Napose'. After this, he also tweeted to encourage Karthik.

In the tweet addressed to Karthik, Kangana writes, "Karthik, there is no need to be afraid of these chillers. By stating your attitude and writing mischievous articles, these stupid people now want to maintain a respectful silence. These same people also spread talk of intoxication and irresponsible attitude against SSR. '

In her last tweet, Kangana Ranaut has also advised Karthik to be disciplined. He wrote, 'You should know that we are with you. He who did not make you cannot break you. Today you will be feeling lonely and on target from all sides. No need to feel like this. Everyone knows about this 'drama queen jo'. Trust your instincts and be disciplined. Lots of love.'