Karthik Aryan used to live in the same flat with 12 people, a dialogue changed his fate


Actor Karthik Aryan, who made a Bollywood entry with Pyaar Ka Panchnama, was born on 22 November 1988 in Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh state. Since childhood, Karthik wanted to become an actor and when he reached Mumbai with this dream, he had to face great difficulties. Karthik, who earned crores, used to live in the same flat with 12 people.

Karthik Aryan's home was a learning environment from the very beginning. Karthik's father Manish Tiwari and mother Pragati Tiwari are both doctors by profession. He had no connection with anyone in the far-off film world, but on the basis of his acting and without anyone's help, Karthik has become a successful artist today.

With the dream of becoming an actor, Karthik came to Mumbai and enrolled in an engineering college. Here he used to go to audition daily. At that time, Karthik lived in the same flat with 12 people. Even after doing three films, he lived with these people.

Karthik got his first film through Facebook. Director Love Ranjan is said to have seen a photo of Karthik on Facebook. After which he asked Karthik to audition for his film, after which he was signed for the film 'Pyaar Ka Panchnama'.

Apart from Karthik, there were many other actors in the film Pyaar Ka Panchnam, but due to his five-minute monologue, he came into the public eye. Karthik had said after the film was a hit that he had taken five days to recall his 5.29-minute monologue and that the monologue had only spoken in two takes.