Karisma Tanna was seen in Chikankari kurta and jeans, her look fails to impress her fans


Karisma Tanna was seen in Chikankari kurta and jeans, her style is not immpressive

  • Karisma Tanna, who always looks stylish, was unable to impress this time in terms of clothes. The shades and designs of the clothes they chose were good, but their combination did not seem special. (All photos: Yogen Shah)

Yellow Chikankari Kurta

  • Karishma chose a yellow colour kurta this time for the airport look. White colour chikankari work was done on it, due to which it looked quite beautiful.

Fitting spoiled

  • Karishma wore blue-coloured boot cut jeans with this kurta. The fringe pattern on its fitting and hem looked nothing special. The fit of these jeans with kurta looked bad.

Threads were coming out from place to place

  • The ends of the jeans were seen to be threaded, due to the fringe design, but due to the useless fitting, they also failed to make them look stylish. Not only this, threads were seen coming out from the bottom of the actress's kurta.

Can look more glamorous in a better jeans and thread cutting

  • Karisma would have worn a slim fit or straight cut jeans with it, so the look would have been much better. At the same time, if she had checked the loose threads before wearing the kurta, the look might have been avoided.