Karan Johar's lookalike is this person from Pakistan!


Bollywood's big filmmaker Karan Johar has made a special identity based on his work. He is counted among the big filmmakers of Bollywood today. Today we are going to give you information about Karan Johar's lookalike.

The person who resembles Karan Johar lives in Pakistan. Karan Johar's glimpse is seen to a great extent in this person named Usman Khan.

In the year 2018, Karan Johar himself was surprised to see the photo of this person. Bollywood veteran filmmaker Karan Johar had a tweet related to his film. On this, Pakistani person Usman Khan replied.

In this, Usman wrote that many people tell me that I look like you. Significantly, Karan Johar has produced many Bollywood superhit films so far.