Kangana Ranaut wept bitterly over Bengal violence, demanding government rule in the state


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut's Twitter account has been suspended on Tuesday. It is being told that the suspension is due to the post on CM Mamta Banerjee after Kangana's bungalow election results. By posting on Twitter, Kangana questioned Hinsa happening in Bengal and also used abusive words for Mamta.

Kangna Ranaut wept bitterly in the video

Kangana has also shared a video on Instagram in which she is crying out, demanding the government to impose President's rule in Bengal. Kangana is living in this video, 'Friends, we are all seeing that the disturbing news is constantly coming from Bengal. People are being murdered, gang-raped. Houses are being burnt. None of the Liberals are saying anything. BBC World, Telegraph, Time no international paper is covering it '.

Kangana wants President Rule in Bengal

He further said, 'I do not understand if this is a conspiracy against India. What do they want to do with us? Is Hindu blood so cheap? Why are they afraid of traitors so much. Will the traitors run the country? I know there is international pressure, we are badly trapped. But at the moment when President Rule is needed… Jawaharlal Nehru had President Rule 12 times, Indira Gandhi imposed 50 times… Manmohan Singh 10–12 times. So what are we afraid of. Will the traitors run this country .... Innocent people will be killed and we will just protest. I would like to tell my government to take stern action at the earliest.

Let me tell you that Kangana nowadays is the target of trolls for her posts on social media. Sometimes she was constantly posting on Twitter about the Corona and sometimes the Bengal elections. He had done many videos, photographs, and posts on the Bengal violence.