Kangana Ranaut Twitter Suspend: Suspended Kangana Ranaut's Twitter account, the decision taken after the Bengal election?


Bollywood's 'Panga' 'Queen' Kangana Ranaut is known for her bold acting in addition to her strong acting. Kangana never holds back in speaking on any issue. Then whether the issue is related to the country, politics, or film industry. Kangana reveals her emotion through social media. Because of this, the actress is also trolled on social media day after day.

Recently, Kangana was continuously sharing some posts on her Twitter account after the election in West Bengal. Meanwhile, Kangana's Twitter account has been suspended. If you search Kangana's Twitter account, then 'Account Suspended' is written in clear words on it. However, no information has been revealed as to why Twitter has suddenly taken this step, nor has there been any statement from Kangana Ranaut or her team at the moment. But it is believed that this decision has probably been taken because of tweeting against TMC, the winning party in Bengal.

Let me tell you that after the recent defeat of the BJP in the Bengal elections and the victory of the Trinamool Congress, Kangana Ranaut had made several tweets in a series of tweets. In which he directly accused TMC of many violence in Bengal. Which included everything from sexual abuse to murder. Not only this, but Kangana Ranaut also directly targeted Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

In one of her tweets, the actress wrote, 'BJP won in Assam and Pondicherry, but there was no news of any violence from there. TMC won the election in Bengal and there were reports of hundreds of people dying, but people would say that Modiji is a dictator and Mamata Banerjee is a secular leader ... that's enough '. With this tweet, Kangana Ranaut wrote #BengalisBurning #PresidentruleinBengal in the hashtag. However, this was not the first time Kangana had become so aggressive on someone. Kangana has been home to many famous faces from the Maharashtra government, the Congress, and the film industry's fame in the past.