Kangana Ranaut sent a notice to BMC, said- Give compensation of Rs 2 crore


Kangana has a long standing relationship with Controversy. In recent times, the bulldozer of BMC, which was run at Kangana's office, was very much discussed. However, the matter reached the court and the BMC termed this action as wrong and directed it to stop it. By this direction of the court, Kangana had suffered a lot and now the actress has demanded a compensation of Rs 2 crore from BMC.

Kangana alleged that this action was taken against her for speaking out against the Shiv Sena leader, the ruling party of Maharashtra. The same party is looking at the municipality, so it has misused the authority by sabotaging it. Kangna has been on the target of the Maharashtra government since she criticized the Mumbai Police police over the investigation in the Sushant Singh death case. She compared Mumbai to "Kashmir occupied by Pakistan" and "Pakistan", which then sparked a political controversy. The ruling coalition of Maharashtra accused Kangana of furthering the political agenda of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Kangana has been granted Y-class protection from the BJP-led central government amid a dispute with Shiv Sena leaders. Kangana said the claim made by BMC in response to their plea for sabotage was without any sufficient evidence and was arbitrary. Significantly, on September 9, a few hours after the BMC started sabotage, the Bombay Hoicourt banned the alleged illegal construction. The court also sought a response from BMC on a petition filed by Kangana seeking interim relief against the sabotage. On September 8, the BMC had issued a stop work notice in the office regarding renovation and finishing work. The Bombay High Court will hear on 22 September in response to the petition and the BMC.