Kangana Ranaut retweet US President Donald Trump's tweet, said this big thing


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut remains very active on social media. She not only expresses her opinion on some of the other issue but also does not lag behind in opening the poll of Bollywood too. Meanwhile, once again Kangana Ranaut is in discussion and this time the reason is a tweet by US President Donald Trump, which Kangana has said while retweeting.

In fact, recently US President Donald Trump made a tweet. In his tweet, Trump wrote, "I will strongly demand that Joe Biden's drug test be done on Tuesday night or earlier." With this, Trump said that he is ready to get his drug test done. Kangana Ranaut has given her response to Donald Trump's tweet.

Kangana Ranaut retweeting the tweet praising the trump and wrote, 'Not the content of this tweet, but I appreciate its context. There is no doubt that the charge of taking drugs is like a black spot, though it is better than a mother's womb or mental illness. We as a society should know what it is that we really consider as shameful. '

Kangana Ranaut's retweet has become a topic of discussion on social media and her fans are commenting a lot on this tweet. By the way, let us know that Kangana Ranaut has been sitting openly against Bollywood for the last few days. Kangana recently made many such tweets and accused Bollywood stars of drugs. Kangana Ranaut's tweets on one hand, while many stars came in her favor, while many stars also made statements against her.

It is worth noting that Kangana was also in the news for rhetoric with Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut. Kangana had recently compared Mumbai to PoK, which Sanjay Raut had given to her. At the same time, some part of Kangana's office in Mumbai was also demolished recently by BMC stating it as illegal. After this, the matter is in the court and Kangana has asked to pay two crore rupees to compensate for this loss.