Kangana Ranaut broke silence on her comment about Hrithik Roshan in Arnab leaked chat


TV journalist Arnab Goswami's leaked WhatsApp chat is going viral on the internet right now. In these chats, a comment about Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut was discussed very well. Kangana has now broken the silence about this. He responded by writing to a user that Arnab said what Hrithik Roshan told him.

In fact, on Wednesday, Kangana had tweeted a tweet on her Twitter account about a temporary ban, on which a user taunted that she could not reply to her favorite journalist's comment and vented her anger elsewhere. She has been In response to this, Kangana wrote- Rohini Ji, big people do not talk small things. But small people like only small things. Let's do some chewing. Arnab Ji said what Hrithik had told him. I first met him in 2019 and then he was embarrassed for that interview with Hrithik in 2017, got it?

In the next tweet, Kangana wrote- or want some more chugli. Why did Hrithik say this? When did relations deteriorate? Arnab was Hrithik's friend or befriended me. Et cetera. All these Liberals have spoiled the atmosphere of the entire country. Stop watching everyone's chats and emails while stealing marmalade.

After this, Kangana tweeted the tendency of leaking private chats and chatting on it - to date, no one has leaked private chats, letters, emails, pictures videos, I never dared to even look with eyes. No matter what. Couldn't dare to. It is a matter of rituals. It is a matter of character. It is a matter of self-respect. Libru will not understand.

Kangana is currently shooting for her film Dhakad, which will be released this year.