Javed Akhtar filed a defamation case against Kangana, the actress accused of threatening


Lyricist Javed Akhtar has filed a defamation case against Kangana Ranaut. According to a report, Akhtar has objected to a statement by Kangana. Kangana had claimed that Javed Akhtar had called her home and threatened her to apologize to Hrithik Roshan. Now the matter has reached the court and Javed Akhtar is ready to fight a long battle. Spitboy reports that Javed Akhtar did not threaten Kangana. There is no question of settling outside the court.

Kangana's manager tweeted 8 months ago

Actress's sister and manager Rangoli Chandel tweeted Javed Akhtar accusing Kangana of threatening him. He wrote, 'Javed Akhtar Ji called Kangana home and threatened to apologize to Hrithik Roshan. Mahesh Bhatt threw slippers at Kangana, as she refused to play the role of Suicide Bomber in Bhatt's film. They call the Prime Minister a fascist ... Chachaji what are you both? '

What was the dispute?

Kangana was in a relationship with Hrithik from 2009 to 2013. After the breakup, both of them had a lot of controversies. On a show in 2016, Kangana called Hrithik as Silly X and claimed that as proof she had the mails that Hrithik had made her while in a relationship. Hrithik had filed a complaint against Kangana at Mumbai Crime Branch.