Jacqueline will be in Kick 2! The makers gave a surprise


Talking about 'Kick 2', one of the most awaited films of actor Salman Khan, has been heard for a long time, but its official announcement has come now. And it is announced by the film's producer and director Sajid Nadiadwala. Hearing this news, the faces of Salman's fans have blossomed as Salman is once again about to hit the big screen entry as Devi Lal Singh aka Devil.

August 11 was the birthday of actress Jacqueline Fernandes. On this special occasion, Jacqueline got a big surprise from Director Sajid Nadiadwala. That is, he has signed Jacqueline opposite Salman Khan in Kick 2.

It was announced on the install page of Nadiadwala Grandson. A video has been shared giving Jacqueline a special birthday gift. It was also told that Jacqueline has been cast in Kick 2. Scenes from the first part of the kick are also shown in the video. The caption says - lots of fun on Jacqueline's birthday. the wait is over. Sajid Nadiadwala has locked the script of Kick 2. Thanks to Varda Khan Nadiadwala for sharing this big news. Nadiadwala Grandson Family waiting for Salman and Jacqueline's kick to start soon.