Indian team's New Zealand tour will not be broadcast live on Hotstar, this company has a strong entry


The competition between mobile-running OTT apps in India is now a thorn. When the Indian cricket team goes to New Zealand this time, its matches will not be aired on Disney India's App Disney Plus Hotstar. This match will be seen this time on Amazon's video app Prime Video. Prime Video has purchased the rights to broadcast all matches under the New Zealand Cricket Board on OTT.

According to the deal between New Zealand Cricket Board and OTT Prime Video, all the matches of the team from the current season till 2025-26 will be broadcast on Prime Video only. In India anyway, cinema and cricket are sold the most on OTT. This thing first came to the understanding of Hotstar and for a long time, almost all the matches of the Indian cricket team have been broadcasting this OTT. Apart from cricket, Hotstar also broadcasts other sports.

But this time the upheaval within Hotstar also raged about the amount spent on the broadcast rights for cricket matches. The BCCI's decision to convert the Indian Premier League to Dubai this year, not to India, was also the main reason behind the amount of money stuck in its broadcasting rights. The officials of Disney India, who had acquired Star Network in India, also lost the most amount. The executives working in the Asia Pacific Ocean region are now bidding farewell to Disney India one by one. And, the company is also making radical changes in the Indian management of the company to recover its economic condition.

Prime Video has taken advantage of this turmoil. On Tuesday, Prime Video announced that it had purchased the rights to broadcast all matches of the New Zealand Cricket Board for the next five years. Under this deal, Prime Video will broadcast all types of cricket matches for women and men like T20, Tests and ODIs. The Indian team is also going to tour New Zealand in the year 2022. The tour will also be broadcast by Prime Video directly on its platform.

Regarding the deal, Amazon Prime Video director Gaurav Gandhi said, “We are thrilled to add cricket to our content collection. We have done this deal with New Zealand Cricket because their team is very strong, passionate and everybody's favorite. Cricket matches between India and New Zealand are also not reduced to any animosity. We are very happy with this deal. ' On the other hand, David White, Chief Executive of New Zealand Cricket, says, "Partnering with Amazon Prime Video is a big thing for New Zealand Cricket. The main goal of New Zealand cricket is to expand the global reach of its team and build good relationships around the world.