Indian Idol 12 : Crowd of fans gathered to see Arunita Kanjilal, police controlled


Television's famous singing reality show 'Indian Idol 12' is getting more and more interesting as it progresses. Everyone is giving their full support to their favorite contestant singer. Indian Idol has been in the headlines this year on social media for many reasons. In this show, sometimes the judges were accused of bias and sometimes a singer was trolled a lot on social media for her performance. Even after many troubles, this show is somewhere in the hearts of the viewers. There are also some contestants of this show who got a lot of popularity this season. One of these singer-contestants is Arunita Kanjilal who got a lot of love from fans for her singing.

Arunita reached her city seeking votes

As the show is approaching the finale, the makers of the show are trying their best to keep the viewers of the show connected with them. This is the reason why the makers of Indian Idol 12 sent all the contestants to their respective cities. All the contestants went to their respective homes and entertained the public there and also appealed to their audience to vote for them to win the show. Arunita Kanjilal who won everyone's heart with her songs in Indian Idol also reached her hometown. Arunita hails from West Bengal. As soon as the singer reached her city, a huge crowd of fans thronged to see her.

Arunita was welcomed with aarti and flowers

Arunita was welcomed with much fanfare in West Bengal. As soon as she reached her hometown, fans greeted her with love and respect. The fans welcomed the scintillating contestant singer by holding a platter of aartis and showering flowers on them. On this occasion, she was wearing a blue dress, in which she looked very beautiful.

Police controlled the crowd of fans

Anita is the most popular contestant of Indian Idol 12. In such a situation, to see this singer and to hear his voice, crowds of fans must gather. When Arunita Kanjilal reached her village, there was a huge crowd of fans to catch a glimpse of her. Such a large crowd gathered to see them that the police had to be present there to control them.

Always praised in the show

Arunita Kanjilal is one such contestant of the show who not only got the love of fans on social media but also always impressed the judges of the show with her singing. All the artists who came to the show as guests were mesmerized after listening to the singing of this excellent singer. While Arunita's voice reminded Javed Akhtar of the old singer, Sonu Kakkar, who came as a judge on the same show, was so impressed by Arunita's voice that she presented her mother's chunari, which Arunita was very happy to receive.

Arunita and Pavandeep Rajan most popular

The singing reality show, however, gave a distinct identity to many competing singers from Arunita to Sawai Bhatt and Shanmukh Priya. But the ones that caught the hearts of the audience the most are Arunita Kanjilal and Pawandeep Rajan. These two are the most popular contestant singers of this year. Both of them have a huge fan list on social media. Whatever song he sings, people have seen it millions of times on YouTube, but fans do not get tired of praising him. Arunita, who has always been loved by fans on social media and complimented by the judges, has carved a special place in everyone's heart with the show, it remains to be seen who wins the Indian Idol trophy this year.