In this saga of Hanuman, the voice of 'Bahubali' will resonate, will see the amazing avatar of Bajrang Bali


An animation web series based on Mahabali Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Lord Shri Ram, is going to appear on your mobile soon. Preparations to release this globally made animation series on OTT are in the final stages. And, in this series, you will hear the same voice that you have heard in the film 'Bahubali' as the crown prince of Mahishmati.

Yes, you must know that in the Hindi version of SS Rajamouli's film series 'Bahubali', the character of Bahubali was voiced by famous actor Sharad Kelkar. Sharad was seen as Chhatrapati Shivaji in the film 'Tanaji' released last year. Her character in the recently released film 'Lakshmi' was well received by the people. Kelkar is now very happy to get a chance to narrate the saga of Bajrang Bali. He considers it his good fortune.

Expressing his happiness, Sharad Kelkar said, 'Most of us have either grown up listening to Hanuman's stories or we have seen him on TV. Interestingly, we know very little about his early days. This series 'The Legend of Hanuman' will tell his own story. Hanuman forgot what he is? He kept believing that he was just a common monkey. As a narrator, I am fortunate to give my voice to this story in a thread. It is a unique experience for me.

Sharad Kelkar believes that the story of 'The Legend of Hanuman' will inspire people towards a belief. And it will show that the importance of existence is not in strength, but in faith, courage and generosity. The animation web series consists of 13 episodes that will be released in the country's seven major languages ​​Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, and Kannada. The series is directed by Jeevan Jay Kang and Naveen John, while Sharad Devarajan, Sarawat Chadha, Ashwin Pandey, and Arshad Syed took the responsibility of writing it.

Although most people have heard about Mahabali Hanuman and have also watched it on TV, the makers of 'The Legend of Hanuman' series believe that through this series, he will show the time of Hanuman's life prominently when He had forgotten his powers. To date, in whatever story of TV and movies, Mahabali Hanuman has been mentioned, most of them have been shown that Hanuman was cursed to lose his powers due to his devils in childhood.

After getting the curse, Hanuman remained without his powers for a long time. However, there was so much strength in his arms that it was impossible for anyone to stand still. The task of bringing back Hanuman's powers is when one has to go to Lanka to search for Mother Sita. He is the only Hanuman who went to Lanka to search for Mother Sita and there also gave equal proof of both his strength and humility to Lanka King Ravana. The web series 'The Legend of Hanuman' will be released later this month on OTT.