If you are troubled by insects in your home, then bring this machine to your home, you will get 100% relief!


All of us at home are very upset with cockroaches, insects, etc. Many kinds of diseases can spread in these houses. To get rid of them, we try home remedies or even use pesticides, but these pesticides can be harmful to us as well.

To overcome this problem, a new gadget has now been created. With its use, they can be killed easily. This gadget will kill all the cockroaches from the kitchen to the bathroom.

The name of this gadget is the RBTZ trap machine, which costs around 500 rupees. The company that makes it claims that not only cockroaches but other small and big insects can also kill the spiders.

Cockroaches will come and get trapped on their own:

You can buy it online or offline. There is a trap machine in which the cockroach gets trapped and cannot get out. The top cover of this machine is transparent. This machine has two separate boxes. In which the space to keep food items at the bottom and the top was also given.