Her parents threw her in the dustbin, and today she is living life like a princess!


It is said that no one can change the destiny written, the one who wrote the above will be the same, and prove this, in the life of this little girl, God wrote to live like princesses. We talk about Dishani Cyclone, whom Mithun Chakravati loved more than her daughter and now Dishani is taking an acting course in the New York Film Academy, and she is going to appear in films soon, she is 19 years old.

It was many years ago that a local newspaper reported that someone had thrown a baby girl in a pile of garbage and when Mithun Chakravati came to know about it, she adopted it.

While adopting, Mithun had three sons and Mithun and Yogita Bali raised this child more than their daughter, and tell you today, seeing the fate of that girl, she is living like a princess.