Hema Malini had disclosed the relationship with Sunny Deol after the horrific incident with her, the actress was shocked to see the behavior


Bollywood 'Dream Girl' actress Hema Malini has always been in the headlines for her personal life more than professional life. Hema Malini has created a different place in the hearts of fans through her acting. At the same time, everyone wants to know about the interesting stories of the life of Hema's fans. Hema was already married in 1980 and married to Dharmendra, the father of four children. Since marriage, many things have been revealed about the relationship with their two step-sons Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol. At the same time, everyone wants to know how Hema has a mutual relationship with his stepsons.

Hema Malini talked about the relationship with her two stepsons, Sunny and Bobby Deol, during the launch event of her biography a few years back. During this time, the video also became very viral. He said at the event, 'Everyone thinks what a relationship we have. The relationship between us is very beautiful and full of love. When needed, he (Sunny Deol) is always together, Dharam Ji too. Especially when I had an accident. '

Hema had next said, 'That accident was very terrible. In such a situation, Sunny Deol was the first person who came to see me at home and he also took care that doctors should also be present for the stitches. Many came to my face, I was shocked, seeing them showing so much interest. It shows how we have a relationship. He cares for me a lot and gives me a lot of love. '

Let me tell you that this was not the first time that Hema Ma Lini had talked about life. She is very active on social media. At the same time, she has always been known to say her words to Babaki. She has spoken about her and Dharmendra's relationship many times before.