Happy Birthday Bipasha Basu: Bipasha's total wealth is worth so many crores! You will be shocked to know


Famous actress Bipasha Basu, who has made her own identity in Bollywood, is celebrating her 42nd birthday today. Bipasha's name is very big in the film world and she has achieved this position due to her acting.

Today we are going to tell you about his total wealth on his birthday.

Bipasha Basu, also known by her married name Bipasha Basu Singh Grover, is an Indian film actress and model. She is mainly known for her work in Hindi films, she has also worked in Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and English language films. One of the most popular and highest-paid actresses in India, Basu has received several awards, including a Filmfare Award, which includes six nominations. Especially known for his work in the thriller and horror film genres.

Bipasha Basu has a net worth of US $ 15 million, which is approximately 113 crores of Indian rupees in Indian currency. A large part of its revenue comes from brand endorsement and movies.

Bipasha Basu is also the most recognized actress in other countries and thus with her success of films, the net worth may increase by 40% in the coming three years.

Bipasha lives in a luxurious house in Bandra. The estimated value of the immovable property is Rs 16 crore. She is also the owner of several real estates in the country. Bipasha owns some luxury cars including brands like Audi Q, Toyota Fortuner, etc.