HAIR CARE TIPS: - Sangeeta Bijlani shared the secret of her beautiful hair


Do you also want long, thick and beautiful hair, so today we have brought you the hair care secret of Sangeeta Bijlani, so let's know about this secret.

Sangeeta Bijlani shared a video on her Instagram account a few days ago, while sharing this video, she wrote in the caption, "Who doesn't love beautiful and healthy hair?" And many of you keep asking me what I do for my healthy and beautiful hair, so today I am sharing my hair care for you.

Sangeeta Bijlani uses a coconut oil recipe for her hair. 3/4 of coconut oil mixes 1/4 castor oil and leaves it for 1 hour after applying it on the scalp.

Sangeeta Bijlani applies lemon juice to her hair, for this, she squeezes the lemon and extracts its juice in her hands and gently applies it on her scalp, and allows it to remain on for 20 minutes.