Google gave Rashmika Mandana a big gift!


The famous and veteran actress of South Cinema Rashmika Mandana is in the headlines these days. She has always won the hearts of audiences with her performances in Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu films. Recently Rashmika Mandana has been cited by search engine Google as India's national crush of 2020.

Rashmika Mandana's name is coming up after searching the national crush of India female 2020 on Google. Rashmika Mandana herself has also given this information through social media. She shared a screenshot on social media. In which #NationalcrushRashmika is written.

Rashmika Mandana is very active on social media. She has shared a screenshot of #NationalcrushRashmika on her official Twitter account. Rashmika Mandana has also expressed happiness in her tweet on trending her name.