Girls by walking 15 km on foot and go to study, Sonu Sood sends bicycle for the whole village


Actor Sonu Sood, who emerged as the Messiah in the lockdown, has been helping people for the past several months. Sonu, who started bringing home to the poor and laborers, is now helping people in their personal lives as well. People have so much hope from Sonu Sood that they sit on-demand and Sonu also does not disappoint his loved ones.

Recently a person tagged Sonu Sood and asked for help. A Twitter user named Santosh Chauhan told Sonu that there are thousands of girls from Uttar Pradesh's Mirzapur and Sonbhadra districts who are forced to leave studies after 5th grade.

Santosh wrote, 'There are 35 girls in Sonu Sood Ji village who have to go 8 to 15 kilometers through the forest route to study. Only a few have a bicycle. This is the Naxalite affected route. Out of fear, his family will not allow him to study further. If you can give a bicycle to all of them, then their future will improve. '

This demand for satisfaction got the attention of Sonu Sood and he assured that he will give a bicycle to every girl. Sonu Sood tweeted and wrote, 'Every girl in the village will have a bicycle and every girl will read. Telling the family that the bicycle is reaching, just keep the tea ready.

Sonu Sood is helping people a lot these days. Thousands of messages are reaching him, to which his team is continuously responding. However, many people have also questioned his help.