Farah Khan revealed, Shahrukh Khan likes this thing in food, revealed this thing related to Salman Khan!


Director-choreographer Farah Khan reveals the choices of several actors on actor Anil Kapoor's food show, Star Vs Food. Anil's sister-in-law Maheep Kapoor and producer-actor Arbaaz Khan will also be a part of the show.

In the episode, Anil Kapoor asked Farah Khan, "How will you explain Salman Khan with food?" Replying to him, Farah said, "He is the only star I know, he eats everything. I have worked with Shah Rukh Khan, he only eats his tandoori chicken." She continued, "I have not seen him eating rice, nor roti, while eating roti. But Salman, despite having a good physique, I have seen him eats rice, biryani, chole... all."

On the show, Farah also said that she has 'zero expectations' from Anil as she has never seen him cook food in 'these 30 years. Maheep also said that for 26 years she has been a part of the Kapoor family, Anil 'never entered the kitchen... ever'.