Exclusive: When the first leaders get, then I will also take the Corona vaccine, Richa Chadha also spoke on the farmer's movement


Actress Richa Chadha says that the corona vaccine may have been started in remote areas of the country, but she will get the vaccine only when all the leaders of the country get it done. He also said that asking women sitting at home on the borders of Delhi to protest against agricultural laws is a sign of a patriarchal mindset.

Richa Chadda's new film 'Madam Chief Minister', which is popular in Hindi cinema for 'Gangs of Wasseypur' and 'Fukrey' series films, is releasing next week. In this film, she plays the female chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. Apart from all the talks about this film and his career, Richa spoke openly on current topics. Richa said that being the daughter of a teacher, reading and writing have been a part of her daily routine and she also reads newspapers regularly.

Asked whether women are being sent back home from among the agitating farmers on the borders of Delhi, Richa, who has been vocal about women's rights from the beginning, said that saying this reflects the mentality of those whose thinking from the beginning. Has been patriarchal. Women have participated extensively in all the movements of the country and even in the peasant movement, if they have come to the boundaries of Delhi, then there is no point in telling them to go home only because they are women. Yes, she also supports keeping the elderly and children in homes to prevent cold.

Richa Chadha's marriage has been postponing for the past one year due to the corona epidemic. On the mention of marriage, Richa clearly said that her marriage will happen only when the vaccine in the country will be successfully accessible to all. When the talk of vaccine delivery started in far-flung areas of the country, he said that she is not going to get the vaccine yet. She will get the vaccine only if all the leaders of the country have already got this vaccine. Richa said that in the name of getting the vaccine, all the leaders are moving on the edge and they are not right, they should have come forward and set an example for others.