Exclusive: Now I also want to commit suicide, who will be responsible: Riya


Riya Chakraborty gave her an answer on all the issues like Sushant's suicide, drug connection, Sushant's family relationship, CBI investigation, Ankita Lokhande, Nepotism in a special conversation till date.

Riya Chakraborty gave a super exclusive interview to Aaj Tak and clarified the allegations against her. Also, put her side. Senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai asked Riya all the questions that everyone wants answers from the actress. Riya gave her a reply on all the issues like Sushant's suicide, drug connection, relationship with Sushant's family, CBI investigation, Ankita Lokhande, Nepotism.

Rajdeep: Now the matter of narcotics is coming. Narcotics drugs control can also ask you questions because some question is being raised whether Riya has any connection with drug peddlers, drug dealers?

Riya: That was the only thing left to put on me now, so crucify me. I say, bring a gun, I will stand with my family line. Shoot us blow Otherwise we will commit suicide then who will be responsible. I deny all these allegations. They are baseless. I would not like to go into their details for just one reason that it can disturb my further investment.

Rajdeep: Are you telling me that you thought of suicide in the last few months.

Riya: Sure.

Rajdeep: You have thought that maybe I should commit suicide. You are saying this to me today.

Riya: G. Maybe I or my whole family should do it. Or someone shoots us. Such disrespect from living in such a suffocating manner, we are middle-class people, if there is no respect then there is nothing. Today I am a drug dealer, yesterday I was a murderer again and something else... It is endless and baseless. That is why I have not spoken yet, because what is the meaning of saying when everybody is making up their own concocted stories without any proof. People like Ankita Lokhande, you will not have the support that I must have been in pain. You are making concocted stories. You have not spoken for 4 years. Now how do I fight so many people?