Entertainment : Young man used this personal thing of Sunny Leone, police arrested


Police have arrested the businessman for allegedly putting the number one businessman on the car of Bollywood's famous actress Sunny Leone. This case happened that from September 2020, the police had sent several e-challans to Sunny Leone for not following the traffic rules.

In response to which Sunny Leone said that the places where the e-challans have been given to her have not gone to those places, then Sunny's husband went to Juhu police station and lodged a complaint about this.

But recently, the driver of Sunny Leone's car, Akbar Khan, informed the police that the exact vehicle resembling Sunny Leone's car is standing near a hospital in Versova area when the police came and saw this car, the police were very surprised. After this, the police asked Piyush Sen, the owner of that car, to show the papers of the vehicle but he could not show the papers of that vehicle, while Sunny Leone showed the driver the papers of his car, after which the police registered the accused Is arrested.