Efforts to redeem Irrfan's name as soon as the cinema opens, this three-year-old film is going to be released


A film in the cold storage of late actor Irrfan Khan is in the news again. The attempt is that by the time the big films are in the queue of release in the Corona era before the film is released in theaters. The film premiered three years ago at the Locarno Film Festival and since then the name of the film has now become a topic of discussion in the film trade.

Irfan's film is titled 'The Song of Scorpions'. The story of the film is of Nuron, a tribal woman who works to poison the scorpion. In Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, it is believed that a scorpion-bitten person dies within 24 hours. The only cure for this is that if someone comes and sings that poison of scorpion, then a person can survive. Nooran has learned the same art from his grandmother Ma Zubaida. Irrfan Khan's character is fascinated by Nuran's voice in the film and gets married. Adam is a camel trader who betrays Nooran.

The director of the film 'The Song of Scorpions', Anoop Singh is a resident of Tanzania. Studied at Pune Film Institute and continues to make films on Indian stories. These days she is a resident of Switzerland. According to the information, the makers of this film are preparing to pay tribute to the late actor Irrfan Khan by releasing it in theaters on the occasion of New Year. However, so far the deal cannot be confirmed with any distributor or any theater chain.

Abhishek Pathak, one of the producers of the film 'The Song of Scorpions', says,' This film is a special story and it is indeed an honor for us to present Irrfan Khan's work on screen. We are going to present this film in front of the audience paying tribute to the beloved star of Indian cinema. We are happy that we will see this last film in theaters. Significantly, the last film as an actor in Irrfan's career has been 'English Medium' which has been released.

Apart from Irrfan Khan, the film 'The Song of Scorpions' will feature actors like Golashifteh Farahani, Waheeda Rehman, Shashank Arora, Tilottama Shome in the film. It has already been completed three years ago and Irrfan Khan's Jeet Ji could not find a distributor for this film.