Did you see the goddess avatar of this actress, which went viral on social media?


Today is the seventh day of Shardiya Navaratri and mother Kalratri is worshiped on this day. Mother Kalratri destroys ignorance and brings light into the darkness. Kalratri, one of the nine forms of the goddess, is quite a radish but her heart is very tender. The special grace of the mother remains on whoever worships Kalratri Mata from the heart. In such a situation, a TV actress has assumed the same form of mother on this occasion of Navratri. TV actress Rishina Kandhari is in the news due to her look.

You have seen Rishina Kandhari in those days, in the days of Ishaars, in the Ishaars Ishaars, You have seen in the serials like Suraj Main Saanjh Piyaji, Dev Mahadev of Gods. Rishina has also appeared in films like Ek Villain, Saheb Biwi and Gangster, Lupt.

Explain that Rishina has adopted a new way of celebrating this Navratri. The actress seen in my friend has transformed her make-up room into the temple.

Rishina says that she is the chaupai hoi of Ramayana, Soi who has full faith in Rama Rach Rakha and listens to unbroken Ramayana whenever she is in her makeup room. Kapoor burns and recites bhajans in her makeup room in the morning. Many people also tell them that their makeup room brings a vibe like a temple.