Dialogues of Ayushmann's film 'Dream Girl' went viral, you will not be able to stop your laugh by reading these memes


Recently the trailer of Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana's upcoming film ‛Dream Girl 'was released. People liked the dialogues so much that they started making different types of memes on them. In this article, we have brought some such memes for your entertainment, seeing that you too will laugh your heart out. So let's see these funny memes: -

Now, look at this meme. It is made on the dialogue of Anu Kapoor, who plays Ayushmann's father in the film. In this, Anu Kapoor says after doing so many fasts your mother gave birth to a boy, and you sometimes become Radha, sometimes you become Sita.

At the same time, Vijay Raj's dialogue in the trailer, 'Dono alag alag hai kya', has been liked by the people and many memes have also been made on this. One such meme is: -

This meme is also very funny. In this, a user has shared the dialogue of the film on Twitter, writing that when a social media user asks someone when they are getting married, the answer is something like this.

One user made it quite funny to connect another dialogue shown in the trailer with Vijay Mallya, which is natural for everyone to laugh. It wrote that it could be none other than Vijay Mallya.

Apart from this, another Twitter user has used this meme to attack the people who create fake IDs on social sites.

In this way, the dialogue of this film of Ayushman Khurana has become popular before the release, which is natural to get the benefit at the ticket window. At the same time, talking about the story of the film, Ayushmann is in the role of an artist who plays the role of a girl in programs like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Because of his work, he gets a job in a call centre by talking in the voice of the girl and then starts the funny story. Ayushmann is going to be seen differently in this film. Apart from this, a lot of comedy will also be seen in the film.