Dev Anand stood against Indira Gandhi's Emergency, formed a political party with stars


Dev Anand, a veteran actor and producer-director of Hindi cinema, was born on 26 September 1923. He was one of the legendary artists of the 50s and 60s. Dev Anand was one of the actors in Hindi cinema who apart from his acting, made a special place in Bollywood with style and stardom. Dev Anand was also not untouched by Indian politics. He also formed his own political party.

This is the time of Emergency. Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India, imposed an Emergency on 25 June 1975 throughout the country. This decision of the Prime Minister is still remembered as a black chapter in the democracy of the country. But when Indira Gandhi took the decision of Emergency, there were big personalities against her as well as film personalities.

After the Emergency in the country in 1975, there were changes in the politics of the country. New parties saw this phase as a great opportunity for themselves. While the Jana Sangh was trying to compete with the Congress by taking the form of the Janata Party, on the other hand, some film stars had also decided to enter politics. After the end of the Emergency, the Janata Party government came after the Lok Sabha elections in 1977. The party was supported by film stars.

In the year 1979, with the fall of the Janata government, a new election was announced. For which the film stars also geared up. On September 4, 1979, the film stars held a press conference at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai. In this press conference, the formation of the 'National Party of India (NPI)' was announced by actor Dev Anand. With this, the party's manifesto was also released. The headquarters of this party was built by V. Shantaram at Rajkamal Studio in Parel, Mumbai. However, its active operation was from the office of Dev Anand.

This political party has also been mentioned by Dev Anand in his autobiography 'Romancing with Life'. He wrote, 'I was elected the president of the party and I accepted that challenge. The aim of this party was to support candidates who are most capable in their respective fields in the Lok Sabha elections. The first rally of the National Party of India Party took place at Shivaji Park in Mumbai. In this rally, the common people and the leaders of mainstream political parties were surprised to see the crowd and the crowd here. The rally was attended by several film personalities including Dev Anand along with Sanjeev Kumar, famous filmmakers FC Mehra and GP Sippy. This was the first time that celebrities from the Hindi film industry were talking about politics and there was such a crowd to listen to them.