Dance Deewane : Actress Shagufta Ali narrated her ordeal on stage, entire team including Madhuri came forward to help


Actress Shagufta Ali, who has entertained the audience for the last 36 years, has stood strong even after facing many ailments. He focused on just acting, putting aside the feeling of his pain. But in the last few years, Shagufta Ali's financial condition deteriorated so much due to the non-availability of work that he was forced to sell even his house's deposits. After knowing about this condition of Shagufta Ali, Rohit Shetty not only helped him but now Madhuri Dixit and the entire Dance Deewane team have also come forward to help him.

Dance Deewane's team came forward to help

Many stars will be seen as guests this week on the stage of Dance Deewane. From Anil Kapoor to Farhan Akhtar and Rohit Shetty, many people are going to be a part of this show and with this, the entertainment quotient will double. But this week apart from entertainment, the show will also see emotional moments. This week, actress Shagufta Ali will also arrive on the show as a special guest. With his arrival, the atmosphere of the entire dance set will become very emotional. A promo of the show has been released recently, in which Shagufta came on stage and shared his ordeal. Shagufta Ali became very emotional while speaking his words, after which Bharti went to him and hugged him.

Shagufta Ali expressed his pain on stage

The host of the show Harsh Limbachiyaa said that Shagufta ma'am, we read an article, which we were very sad to see. Responding to this, Shagufta Ali became very emotional, he said, 'For the last 36 years, I have had a wonderful 32 years. I struggled a lot, worked a lot, and took care of my family and myself. But in the last four years there were a lot of auditions, a lot of things happened but some workouts were not happening. Meanwhile, due to diabetes, the pain of my feet increased, which had a great effect on my eyes. I could not bear these four years of suffering. This industry is my home for me, I have given 36 years here.

Madhuri takes over Shagufta Ali on stage

After listening to him, everyone present there became emotional. When Bharti hugged him, the same Madhuri Dixit also came on stage. Madhuri came on the stage and said, 'You said that you have nothing to sell. Looking at your situation, we and the entire team of Dance Deewane want to do something for you. We want you to accept a check of Rs 5 lakh on behalf of the team of Dance Deewane. After receiving this check from Madhuri Dixit, Shagufta Ali became very emotional and thanked the entire team.

Rohit Shetty also helped

Let us tell that when Rohit Shetty got information about Shagufta Ali's condition, he immediately came forward to help him. Looking at Shagufta Ali's condition, Ashok Pandit spoke to director Rohit Shetty. Ashok Pandit told that Rohit Shetty has transferred a good amount to help him. We are all grateful to him. I am also requesting help from many more people in the industry. Regarding the help given by Rohit Shetty, Shagufta Ali said that my work is done. I am lucky that he came forward to help me. Apart from this, actress Neena Gupta, actor Sumeet Raghavan and the host of Savdhaan India, Sushant Singh also came forward to help him.

Did not get any work for the last four years

In a conversation with a media channel, Shagufta Ali had told his pain. Expressing her feelings, she said, 'I have suffered a lot from the beginning in my life and today I am standing by fighting many diseases. Today I am 54 years old and my health is deteriorating. Sugar has affected my feet very badly. My sugar level has increased due to mental stress. Now my eyes are getting affected and I have to get it treated too. He further said, 'For the last four years I have not got any work and my financial condition has worsened further.' Shagufta Ali told that he got many offers that kept coming. He did a film but that too was not completed.