DANCE DEEWANE 3: Judge Dharmesh also became Corona positive!


The show's celebrity judge Dharmesh Yelanday has tested positive for coronavirus after several crew members of the dance reality show Dance Deewane was found to be COVID-19 positive.

According to ETimes, Dharmesh has currently quarantined himself at his home in Goa. In the upcoming episode of Dance Deewane, choreographers Punit J Pathak and Shakti Mohan will play Dharmesh Yelande in the show.

The show's producer Arvind Rao, who is currently recovering from COVID-19, confirmed the news to times. He said, "Dharmesh tested negative last week when he went to Goa to renovate his house. He was supposed to come with us for the shoot on April 5. But, before starting the shooting, everyone had a COVID-19 test. Dharmesh had another test in Goa and had some symptoms as well. Then he tested positive, so we decided to bring Shakti Mohan and Puneet J Pathak for the upcoming episode.