Claim : Pfizer's vaccine works 88 percent on Delta


The world is worried about the Delta variant. Meanwhile, UK scientists have claimed that the Pfizer vaccine is up to 88 percent effective in protecting against infection with symptoms of the delta variant of the corona. Earlier, Scottish scientists had found Pfizer's vaccine to be 79 percent effective against the delta variant, while Canadian scientists 87 percent effective.

Israel: Vaccine 65 percent effective

Israel's Ministry of Health recently reported that the Pfizer company's vaccine is 64 percent effective against all variants of the corona. Earlier in May, Israel had described the vaccine as 95 percent effective. There has also been a debate around the world regarding the different results regarding the effect of the vaccine.

The vaccine is the only option

Scientists say that the vaccines have passed the test, on the basis that everyone should get the vaccine, against which form of the virus the vaccine is not effective, it is not clear yet. According to the results that have come out now, all vaccines are effective against the delta variant to some extent, so there should be no delay in getting the vaccine.

an accurate assessment is not possible

Emory University dean Natalie says that there has been confusion due to the different opinions of scientists about the effectiveness of the vaccine. Scientists say that it will be difficult to tell the exact effect of the vaccine. It is also to say that it is not possible to accurately assess the effect or effectiveness of a vaccine from a single study.