By becoming 'Vicky Donors', people earn crores of rupees in this country!


Now you too will be surprised to know that the Communist Government of China has given a special offer to the youth of their 20 years to 45 years. This offer of a Rose Gold iPhone. Yes, the Chinese government has said that this phone will be given free to those youth who donate their sperm. The Chinese government has made a very touching appeal to the youth. The government has said that for the sake of your country, please donate your sperm.

The Chinese government has also resorted to social sites for this work. The Chinese government has also uploaded some games on social media. After all these games, one thousand US dollars or one rose gold iPhone has been offered by the government. China is getting older every year, and the number of people working is steadily decreasing. The government here has said that due to some political and cultural reasons there has been a shortage of voluntary donate sperm in China's sperm bank.

It is a common belief in China that a woman who is pregnant with an unknown sperm will defy the principles of Confucian. In China, Confucius is labelled as God. Similarly, Chinese youth also consider donating their sperm contrary to moral values. The Chinese government plans that they will adopt artificial insemination to keep their country young before coming to the state of a serious crisis.