Bollywood Shooting: Action will start in Mumbai from Monday, the state government has issued standard rules and instructions


There is relief news for the film, TV, and web series producers of Mumbai who are dead in the country. The Maharashtra government has given permission for shooting from Monday in those areas of the state where the situation has come under control. Not only this, but Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has also given permission to open malls and cinema halls in areas where the rate of active cases of Karona is less than five percent by dividing the entire state into different parts.

There was a lot of doubt on Thursday and Friday regarding the rules of lockdown in Maharashtra and its capital Mumbai from June 7. But the Maharashtra government issued a detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for business activities across the state at around 2 pm on Saturday night. According to the information given from the Chief Minister's Office, the process of unlocking has been started in Maharashtra. In this SOP, the process of opening malls, cinema halls, and shops in cities, towns, and the countryside has been explained in detail. The process of unlocking in the state has been linked to the positive rate of corona infection and the availability of beds in hospitals.

According to the information, Mumbai's positive rate is currently 5.56 percent and it comes in Level 3 of the SOP issued by the Maharashtra government. Cities, towns, and districts that have a positive rate of between 5 and 10 percent and have more than 40 percent of patients on oxygen beds in hospitals have been placed in Level 3 of the infection. Shooting can be started in such districts but for this also very strict rules have been made. According to these rules, all the staff, technicians, and actors will have to stay in the 'bubble' during the shooting. That is, the shooting will have to be done at a place where the producer has control over the entry and exit routes and the people involved in the shooting should not leave the location till the shooting goes on. Any kind of traffic will be closed here after 5 pm.

The Maharashtra government has also pointed out that if the rate of corona infection in a district is less than five percent and there are less than 25 percent of patients on oxygen beds available in hospitals, then everything can be normal in these districts. That is, cinema halls and malls will be able to open with a normal presence in these districts. The SOP only says that this attendance can be like normal days. However, film distributors are still skeptical whether this can be interpreted by the opening cinema halls in these districts with 100 percent capacity.

According to these SOPs issued by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray's Twitter handle, theaters and malls are to be opened with 50 percent capacity only in those areas which are in the second level of corona infection. In determining these districts, the rate of corona infection should be less than five percent. But here the number of patients on oxygen beds in hospitals can be between 25 percent to 40 percent.

Film producers, web series producers, and serial producers are very happy with the permission to shoot in Mumbai. However, in this regard, he is waiting to wait till Monday and understand all the guidelines clearly. Only then will these producers start taking out their sets located in Gujarat, Daman, and Diu and bring them to Mumbai. The serials which are being shot in North India are less likely to return to Mumbai at the moment. However, due to these rules, there are chances of a resumption of the shooting of films that are going on postponed in Mumbai.

Information has also been received that according to this SOP issued by the Government of Maharashtra, every Thursday, the Health Department of the Government of Maharashtra will conduct a weekly review of every district. In this review, the positive rate of corona infection in the district and the percentage of patients admitted to the available oxygen beds in hospitals there will be seen. Only after this review, changes will be made in the level of every district every week. According to the SOP issued on Saturday in these districts, the restrictions or exemptions will naturally come into force.