Bollywood Gossip: The appearance of these 9 Bollywood actors has not changed in many years, some seem to be 20-30 years younger than their age


Where it comes to age, some of our Bollywood actors seem to be 20-30 years younger than their age. Learn about 9 such Bollywood celebs here.

Often we see that Bollywood stars take great care of their body, but everyone gets old age and due to this the effect of age starts to appear on the face. But there are some people who do not seem to be seeing their age increases. There are many Bollywood stars whose age does not look old and that is why they still look the same as they looked 10 years ago. These Bollywood actors have been active in the industry for years and as such, they have stopped their age.

Today we are talking about the same actors for whom the English saying 'Age like wine' suits.

1 Malaika Arora-

The 10-year challenge went viral some time ago in which everyone was sharing their current photo with their 10-year-old photo. Meanwhile, Malaika shared her 20-year-old photo. Yes, Malaika's age has just stopped. In Shahrukh Khan's film 'Dil Se', Malaika, who is seen on the train, still looks the same. Now Malaika takes great care of her body's fitness, but if asked about her anti-aging secrets, then surely she will keep fitness at the top.

2 Shahid Kapoor-

Did you see Shahid Kapoor's clean shave look in the movie 'Kabir Singh'? The look was similar to Shahid's 10-year-old film Jab We Met. Shahid's face was visible, but only because of the change of clothes and hairstyle. Otherwise, Shahid Kapoor's look is the same. His age also looks like stopped.

3 Anil Kapoor-

How can Anil Kapoor be forgotten when it comes to anti-aging. Anil Kapoor is certainly a living example of this. They have stopped their age and are the same for the last 30 years. From exercise to maintenance of food, Anil Kapoor is perfect in everything. Of course, today's stars should also get tips from them.

4 Rekha-

If anyone in Bollywood can be called Evergreen, it is Rekha. Surely Rekha has stopped her age and even at the age of 60 she walks with a 35-40 glow. Even today her Kanjeevaram saree, her red lipstick, and her beautiful smile make people crazy. Rekha's beauty is truly praiseworthy.

5 Hrithik Roshan-

The way Hrithik was seen in 'Krrish-2', he was also seen in the film 'War' in 2019. Regarding Hrithik, it can definitely be said that he has stopped his age. Now the name of the list of the sexiest Asian men is no less.

6 Shilpa Shetty

In 2007, Shilpa Shetty won 'Big Brother' (the British version of Bigg Boss). Shilpa wrapped in a beautiful sari entered the show Big Brother. Shilpa still looks the same way today. We would also like to know their anti-aging secrets.

7 Sushmita Sen-

Original 'Dilbar' girl i.e. Sushmita Sen still looks the same. Of course, 25 is glowing on his face even at the age of 42, and to know Sushmita's beauty and fitness secrets, you have to go to an Instagram account. Seeing his fitness routine will give you lots of motivation.

8 Aishwarya Rai-

Now when it is being talked about stars whose age is not known, then how can it be that Aishwarya Rai's name is not taken in that list. Over time, their beauty is increasing even more.

9 Milind Soman-

And of course, Milind Soman's name is not taken in this list, it cannot happen. Why are they on this list, the answer is by giving their pictures.

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