BISCOPE: This desi ghazaljeet was difficult for Pakistani singers for the first time, Raj Babbar's image became an obstacle


Jagjit Singh is the credit for taking the Ghazal out of the nobles' confines to a tape recorder that is kept in the drawing-room of the common man. But, you might not know the person who goes to the credit of making Jagjit Singh from Ghazal singer to film composer? I am talking about the film 'Prem Geet' released on September 25, 1981, which was sung by Jagjit Singh, Indivar's song 'Hothon se chuch lo tum, mera song amar kar do ...' still love between lovers Considered the most beautiful song to reveal. On the story written by Shashi Bhushan, Sudesh Issar, father of actor Punis Issar, made this amazing film. The story of the film was not very different but the presence of a new heroine in the film definitely aroused the curiosity of the people in the film. Just a few days ago, when I wrote the bishop of the Hrishikesh Mukherjee-directed film 'Achcha Bura', I told that Anita, the daughter of popular actor Jagdish Raj, got her first chance in the same film. However, Anita Raj's first film to be released was 'Prem Geet'. 'Prem Geet' is the film of our present-day Bioscope.

This is how Jagjit sang the first love song

Jagjit Singh achieved the feat in ghazal singing all over the world, he was lucky for a few people. But one of the things he did in India was to make Ghazal singing self-sufficient. Before Jagjit Singh, the country's music companies and show organizers also looked at Pakistan for everything related to Ghazal. Jagjit Singh came to Mumbai in 1965, after teaching classical music, grooming himself in All India Radio, Jalandhar, and without telling the elders. In 1969, she went to her husband to ask permission to marry married singer Chitra Dutta, who was found in Mumbai. The two married and continued to sing together for eight years. People never recognized, never recognized, but in the year that the country was an emergency, in the same year in 1977, Jagjit Singh gave the whole country a new excuse to spend time alone, 'The Unforgettable'. This was the first LP record of both and this record made such a record that Pakistani Ghazal singers were also surprised once. This disciple of Pandit Chhagan Lal Sharma and Ustad Jamal Khan did not look back after this again. The journey of Jagjit Singh, moving towards the highs of his fame, was an important step for his first film as a music composer, Prem Geet.

Sudesh Issar under Raj Khosla

The film 'Prem Geet' was directed by Sudesh Issar. Sudesh Issar has also acted in a foreign TV series 'Maya' shot in the country, that is 1967 and till then, with Sudesh director Raj Khosla, four films 'Ek Musafir Ek Hasina', 'Woh Kaun Thi?' Mera Saaya had worked as an assistant director in 'Anita'. In two more films of Raj Khosla, 'Chirag' and 'Mera Gaon Mera Desh', Sudesh shared his hand. After this Sudesh decided to become a film director himself. His directorial debut was in the year 1974 from the Bohni film 'The Cheat'. The film was made by Vinod Khanna in his home production. The friendship of the two deepened in the film 'Mera Gaon Mera Desh'. Vinod also liked the story told by Sudesh but the film did not work. After this, Sudesh made his next film 'Prem Geet' in 1981 when he met Lakhan Sinha, brother of Shatrughan Sinha. The story of Lakhan Sinha is also no less than a film story. Shatrughan Sinha used to have his own production house, Ramayana Chitra. It was Lakhan Sinha's first film as a producer and also named Shatrughan Sinha's secretary Pawan Kumar as a producer. This was a period when there was a lot of love between the two brothers. Few people will know that after Shatrughan Sinha's entry into politics, he got less than his brothers. However, it was Lakhan Sinha who supported Shatrughan Sinha's decision to become a hero in the house at Koharam and even Lakhan Sinha signed the Pune Film Institute form as Guardian.

Lakhan Sinha and Shatrughan Sinha also made two films together but both could not last long. Why this happened and why this matter reached the boycott of family weddings, let's talk about the film 'Prem Geet' before knowing the story of it. The film is based on the same formula of love, That Sukhe, Sukhe Tvam. That is, you seek your happiness in the happiness of the one you love. The story of the film begins with Akash who writes a song in the name of Nishant and is also very famous by this name. His family does not know this. The people at home want to see him becoming a 'big man'. Asha, her sister's friend, wants her, but Akash, who is on a tour of Shimla towards college, meets Shikha there. Both of them fall in love. Initially started with a bit of a ruckus, this relationship reaches the love song but the housemates decide Akash's marriage with hope. Meanwhile, it is known that the flame of Shikha's lamp is fluttering very fast. He does not have any time. Everyone knows everything. But, everyone wants everyone not to know. Akash is married to Shikha. The two spend time together, but Akash knows that no matter how wide it is, he will not meet the earth below him. Shikha was absorbed and fulfilled by the fountain of love flowing through the vast heart of the sky. She completes her love song, with this song ...