Birthday : This actress had come between the married life of Guru Dutt and Geeta, this wish remained unfulfilled


'Learn how were those people whose love found love...' On hearing this line, the name of Guru Dutt's film 'Pyaasa' is in the mind. But after listening to this song, it seems as if actor-director Guru Dutt had conveyed the love met in his life through this song. Guru Dutt, who gave immortality to Hindi cinema. Even today Guru Dutt's films are definitely mentioned in the studies of cinema. He gave more than one hit film. Guru Dutt had established himself in the cinema world in a very short time.

Guru Dutt was born on 9 July 1925 in Bangalore. His real name was Vasant Kumar Shivshankar Padukone. Guru Dutt was born in extreme poverty and hardships. So the end of Guru Dutt was also very sad there. His married life was going very happy. But an actress came into his life due to which there was a rift in his married life.

Guru Dutt and Geeta met on the sets of the film 'Baji'. At that time Geeta Roy had become famous as a playback singer. She used to have a long car, she used to come to meet Guru Dutt at his Matunga flat. It was so simple that she used to sit in the kitchen to cut vegetables. She used to leave her house saying that she was going to meet Guru Dutt's sister.

Guru Dutt's younger sister Lalita used to carry Guru Dutt and Geeta's love letters for each other. Their love had blossomed and in 1953, Guru Dutt and Geeta Roy tied the knot. The life of both was going very happily. Suddenly, while becoming 'Pyaasa', the distance started coming between Geeta and them. The reason was his growing closeness with his own heroine Waheeda Rehman. The suspicion between the two increased to such an extent that one day Guru Dutt received a letter. It was written in it that, 'I cannot live without you. If you want me, come to meet me at Nariman Point at 6.30 pm today. Your Waheeda.

Hearing the news of Guru and Waheeda's affair, Geeta separated from Guru Dutt with her children and started living in another house. After which he made alcohol, cigarettes, and sleeping pills an important part of his life. Guru Dutt had become lonely and Waheeda had also left him. The yearning and loneliness of meeting the children were eating the Guru inside.

And then came the wretched day when Guru Dutt said goodbye to this world. Guru was found dead in his house on 10 October. On the same day, he shopped for the children with his brother. According to the BBC report, on October 9, when his friend Abrar Alvi went to meet him, Guru Dutt was drinking. Meanwhile, he had a fight over the phone with Geeta Dutt. He wanted to meet his two-and-a-half-year-old daughter and Geeta was not ready to send her to him. Guru Dutt gave him an ultimatum in a state of intoxication, 'Send the daughter or else you will see my dead body.' At one o'clock in the night, both had dinner and then Abrar went to his house. The next day in the afternoon, he got a call that Guru Dutt was ill.

When he reached his house, he saw that Guru Dutt was lying on the bed wearing a kurta-pajama. On the table next to the bed lay a glass with a little pink liquid still left. Out of Abrar's mouth, Guru Dutt has killed himself. People asked how do you know? Abrar knew, as he and Guru Dutt often talked about ways to die. It was Guru Dutt who told him, 'Sleeping pills should be taken in the same way as a mother feeds pills to her child... Grind it and then dissolve it in water and drink it. Abrar later told me that at that time we were jokingly talking about these things. Little did I know that Guru Dutt would test this joke on himself.