Birthday Special: This Bollywood actor had given heart to his own student


Today is the birthday of actor R Madhavan, who has performed in superhit films like 3 Idiots. He was born on this day i.e. June 1, 1970 in Jamshedpur.

Today we are going to tell you one such thing related to his personal life, about which very few people will know. Madhavan married Sarita Birje, who was a student himself.

The two first met in Kolhapur, where Sarita Madhavan's personality development class came to attend. Madhavan was Sarita's mentor during this time.

Since then, there was an increase in closeness between the two. The two married in 1999 after dating each other for about eight years. Madhavan has acted in films such as Tanu Weds Manu and Tanu Weds Manu Retnrs, besides 3 Idiots.