Birthday Special: Nargis was broken by Raj Cooper's heart, he started doing this


Today is the birthday of Nargis, the star actress and wife of Sunil Dutt. He was born on this day i.e. June 1, 1929 in Kolkata. Today we are going to tell you about such a thing about which you are hardly aware.

At one time Nargis and Raj Kapoor made media headlines regarding the affair. People were speculating that the two would get married among themselves, but this could not happen. At last, Nargis left Raj Kapoor and married Sunil Dutt.

Madhu Jain's book 'First Family of Indian Cinema - The Kapoors' has revealed a lot about Raj Kapoor. It was told in the book that when Raj Cooper came to know that Nargis had married actor Sunil Dutt, he wept bitterly in front of his friends and colleagues.

Raj Kapoor was heartbroken after Nargis's marriage. It is said that after this Raj Kapoor started consuming a lot of alcohol.