Birthday Special: Govinda's divorce issues comes twice due to this actress


Govinda was a Bollywood hero number in the 80s and 90s. Govinda won everyone's heart with his acting and dance, but Govinda's personal life also caught everyone's attention. Govinda's divorce came twice and that too because of two heroines ...

New Delhi: Today is a very special day for Govind, popularly known as 'Chichi' in Bollywood. Govinda has turned 57 today. Govinda has won the hearts of people with more than one film like Hero Number One, Coolie Number One, Bade Miyan-Chhote Mian, Murder, Accusations, Hasina Maan Gayegi, Aankhen, Jodi Number One, and Muqabala. Govind became the number one entertainer of the industry by giving many hit films one after the other. The stories of the actor's love affair in Bollywood were not hidden from anyone. Today we will tell you about similar stories related to Govinda, due to which the divorce of Govinda had come.

Govinda gave many hits with Neelam

In Bollywood, Govinda's first pair was with Neelam Kothari. Both of them worked together in about 10 films including Khudgarz, Love 86, Two Prisoners, Accusations, Murder, and Sindoor. Neelam Kothari was well-liked by the pair Govinda. Most of both films were hits.

When the news of Govinda's affair came into the headlines

In his films, the magic of tremendous dance is used to speak to the audience. If the couple was a superhit on the screen, romance stories started in real life as well. In those days, the news of Neelam and Govinda's love story also dominated.

Govinda was already married

This love story was difficult, Govinda was already married. As soon as the news of Govinda and Neelam's affair came to the media, the curtain was removed from the story in front of the family as well. Then what a storm in Govinda's married life. The wife's displeasure over this relationship of Govind was justified, but Govinda's mother became even angrier with him. At the same time, wife Sunita also put her side and refused to work in films with Neelam.

Both received many films together

Govinda also had a love disease. In such a situation, he was also supposed to agree, he was doing films one after the other with Neelam. The audience was so fond of both pairings that every producer wanted to cast both of them in films.

Sunita's statement on Govinda's affair

Amidst all this, the troubled Sunita (Sunita) was confident of Govinda (Govinda) that he would not do anything wrong. Govinda's wife Sunita had said in an interview to a magazine, "When news of his affair was coming to Neelam Kothari, I was relaxed. Mother was with me and I knew that Chichi would not do anything wrong with me.

Mother reprimanded Govinda

Govinda (Govinda) never avoided saying his mother. In such a situation, the mother had told Govinda to stay away from Sapphire. Govinda left Sapphire for the sake of family and mother. This had an impact on Neelam's career. He stopped getting movies. Instead of the lead actress, she started getting the roles of a side actress.