Birthday : Sanjeev Kumar was a bachelor for fear of dying soon, at the age of 47, the heart deceived him


Sanjeev Kumar was such an actor of Hindi cinema, whose iron everyone believed. 'storm', 'weather', 'salty', 'grape', 'Truthkaam', 'season', 'typhoon', 'knock', 'try', 'servant', 'salty', 'grape', 'blessing' ', 'Characterless', 'Naya Din Nayi Raat', 'Pati-Patni Aur Woh', he had made a different place in the cinema by doing all the best films. Legendary actor Dilip Kumar also praised his performance. He started his career as a lead hero with the 1965 film 'Nishan'. Thakur's character in the film 'Sholay' was immortalized by his acting.

Haribhai used to say, close people

Actor Sanjeev Kumar's real name was Harihar Jethalal Jariwala and close people called him Haribhai. He was born in Gujarat. Today is the 83rd birth anniversary of Sanjeev Kumar. Sanjeev Kumar started his acting career from the stage of IPTA.

Sanjeev Kumar started his acting career from the stage of IPTA. After this, he joined the Indian National Theatre. Sanjeev Kumar wanted to become an actor since childhood. Therefore, his journey to reach films was not a coincidence. His film career started with the 1960 film 'Hum Hindustani' but as a lead actor, he appeared in the film Nishan.

Sanjeev Kumar romanced many actresses in his life. During the shooting of Sholay, the news of giving heart to Hema Malini made headlines, then Hema's alleged refusal and her lifelong bachelor, actress Sulakshana Pandit giving her heart, then Sulakshana Pandit being a lifelong bachelor, everything in the life of Sanjiv Kumar Happening went on.

The pairing of Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bachchan was once a huge hit. Sanjeev Kumar was the only actor with whom Jaya played roles ranging from husband to father-in-law. Like the role of the husband in the film Prayas, the role of lover in Anamika, the role of father-in-law in Sholay, and the role of brother in Silsila.

Dharmendra wanted to do the role of Thakur played by Sanjeev Kumar in the film 'Sholay'. But he gave up his insistence in the affair of romance with Hema Malini. And history is witness, because of the role of Thakur, Sanjeev Kumar is remembered till date.

Sanjeev Kumar died of a heart attack in the year 1984 at the age of 47. Sanjeev Kumar received the National Award for Best Actor twice. Sanjeev Kumar was always afraid that he would soon say goodbye to the world, behind this he had a fear which had settled in his mind.

In fact, most of the male members of Sanjeev Kumar's family had died in his youth. In such a situation, Sanjeev Kumar also felt that he too would say goodbye to the world at the age of 50. And see something similar happened. He left this world at the age of 47 due to a heart attack. He died on 6 November 1985 at the age of 47, before he shifted after buying a house in Juhu.