Bioscope S2: Seeing the song of this film, Boney Kapoor was fascinated by Sridevi


Amitabh Bachchan shone as an Angry Young Man from the 1973 film 'Zanjeer' and Dimple Kapadia shone as a desi Barbie doll from the 1973 film 'Bobby'. Although Dimple Kapadia made a comeback after more than a decade of marriage, in the year 1985, released in the year 1985, director Ramesh Sippy's film 'Sagar' also made crores of new fans with the unseen acts of her beauty. But, in the film 'Jambaaz' released next year, the colors of his water were unique. It is considered to be the boldest film of Dimple Kapadia's career. This is the film in which filmmaker Boney Kapoor fell in love with Sridevi. In the song 'Kate Nahi Katte Ye Din Ye Raat' from the film 'Mr. India', Sridevi's seductive, intoxicating style in chiffon sari was composed by Boney Kapoor himself, inspired by the film 'Jambaaz'. By the way, Feroz Khan's film 'Jambaaz', who is called the cowboy of Indian cinema, went through the accidents and circumstances that reached the screen, it is also no less than courageous.

When Firoz roamed with Salim Khan

In the year 1972, Feroz Khan became a director with the film 'Aradh' and his next two films 'Dharmatma' and 'Qurbani' were also superhit films. 'Qurbani' gave so much wealth to Firoz Khan that the safes near him fell short to keep this income. People tell that he was the first film producer and director, who had a separate team just to count the notes. Anyone who has got a chance to visit his Bangalore farmhouse knows how Firoz Khan looted wealth with both hands in those days and also knows those who looted this wealth with great effort. Firoz Khan's every bet in the film 'Qurbani' was absolutely right. The film was a blockbuster. The music of the film was an even bigger hit. And, Firoz Khan was now seeing a new kind of cinema in his dreams. Traditional stories had no place in this cinema. He took Salim-Javed's Salim Khan to travel abroad with him. Both of them traveled together for a month. Look abroad, see pubs, see all those places of debauchery, where Firoz Khan was watching one of his films, which he can release in the international market. He wanted to make a film that was made in Hindi according to the taste of the native audience and in English with scenes that would beat Hollywood. 'Qurbani' released in 1980 and for the next six years, Firoz Khan changed colors so much that the film industry was shocked. People could not understand what Firoz Khan was really trying to do.

Interesting cocktail of movies

Before the release of 'Qurbani', Firoz Khan started a film in 1977 opposite Zeenat Aman. But after shooting some part of the film, he stopped the film and started making 'Qurbani'. When 'Qurbani' became a hit, he returned to this old film named 'Kasak', this time he replaced Zeenat Aman with Parveen Babi and Rekha also came along. Apart from Firoz Khan, the film also starred Shatrughan Sinha and Sanjeev Kumar. The film was shot for two months and one day Parveen Babi went missing from Mumbai. After Parveen Babi's departure and Salim Khan appeared in the scene, Firoz Khan started a new film named 'Jambaaz'. Firoz Khan shot a song on Rekha with several foreign models in London for the film to be made simultaneously in Hindi and English. It is said that Firoz Khan wanted Rekha to get such scenes done in the film, for which Rekha was not ready at all. There was a fierce fight between the two and Feroz Khan fired Rekha from the film. Till now people were understanding that Firoz Khan is making his old film 'Kasak' in the name of 'Jambaaz' because both had two heroines and both the characters were stage singers.

The story changed and messed with the line

After getting screwed by the line, Feroz Khan again changed his direction. In 1983, he launched a new film, and although its name was also 'Jambaaz' but the star cast that he introduced to the people this time was completely different. The story was quite different this time too. This time the story was of two brothers, in which one is a responsible police officer and a cool type of person. When the daughter of the friend of the father of both is in trouble, then she comes to live with them. The younger brother gets hooked on him. But, when he starts ignoring her after having a physical relationship, then to take revenge, this girl makes a person working with the family as her friend. This friend is killed in a clash with the younger brother and the responsibility now lies on the elder brother to hand over the younger brother to the law. There is a story running parallel to this in the film which is that of an elder brother and his girlfriend who loses her life due to drug addiction. Firoz Khan is in the role of elder brother Rajesh in the film and Anil Kapoor plays the younger brother Amar. Sridevi played the role of Dimple Kapadia and Rajesh's girlfriend Seema in a special appearance film as Reshma, who came to live in their house.

Undiscovered avatar of Sridevi

Sridevi had initially refused to do the film after hearing the story of the film 'Jambaaz'. Then Firoz Khan threw his trump card and it was his talking to Sridevi in ​​Tamil. Firoz Khan was a multilingual person and Sridevi liked his talking in Tamil. 'Jambaaz' is the first film from which Sridevi started her own dubbing, that too on the encouragement of Feroz Khan. Earlier, his dubbing in Hindi films was done by professional dubbing artists. Filmed on him in the film and this song written by Indeevar was a super hit, 'Everyone does not get yahan love zindagi mein...'

western music ka Hindustani andaj

The music of the film 'Jabanz' was composed by Kalyanji Anandji at the behest of Firoz Khan entirely on western instruments. In this film, he experimented a lot with the music of the film and the Hindi cinema audience liked it very much. That was the era of disco and all the songs of the film were composed and filmed by Firoz Khan in the same style. The story of the film too, Firoz Khan, along with his special friend KK Shukla, had completely changed by then and had also given information about this to Salim Khan. Yes, he requested Salim Khan to allow him to keep the title of the film as 'Jabaanz'. Salim Khan was not even happy with the film that Salim Khan had written earlier and the way Firoz Khan had put all the provocative scenes in it. He thanked the fact that now his name was not going in the film and happily gave the title of the film to Firoz Khan. Firoz Khan did not make a film written by Salim Khan, but the song he shot on Rekha in London for that film, definitely made him a part of this film. The song was also a superhit song of its time, 'Ek to kam zindgani ..'

Chalte Chalte

The film 'Jambaaz', based on the Hollywood film 'Duel in the Sun', was received by Anil Kapoor at the premiere of his famous film 'Mashaal'. Anil Kapoor was praised by Yash Chopra that day and on the night of the premiere of 'Mashaal', apart from 'Jabaanz', he signed another film which was producer-director Subhash Ghai's film 'Meri Jung'. Few people would know that Anil Kapoor got this role in the film 'Jabanz' only after Kamal Haasan's refusal. Anil Kapoor has worked in the remakes of all Kamal Haasan's films, but this was the first film that was written keeping Kamal Haasan in mind but in which Anil Kapoor worked. After the film 'Jabanz', Firoz Khan announced to make a film 'Yalgaar' on the Indian Army with Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, and himself. The special appearance that Sridevi gave in 'Jabanz' was given only after signing the same film 'Yalgaar' as a heroine. But, when Feroz Khan had some trouble with Jackie Shroff, he fired Jackie from the film. Jackie and Anil's friendship was such that when Jackie went, Anil Kapoor also refused to do the film, and then the film was not made. Later Firoz Khan made a film with the same name as Sanjay Dutt, Nagma, and Manisha Koirala.