Bikini photo of Kapil Sharma's wife Sumona went viral, people are trolling badly on Twitter


Sumona Chakraborty, who works on The Kapil Sharma Show, would not have thought before sharing these pictures on social media that it would create such a big ruckus, people are trolling them badly on Twitter.

Sumona Chakraborty recently shared some of her bikini pictures on Twitter, after which people got agitated and started making various comments, one wrote, Kapil Bhai does not pay it, does Bachari not have clothes? Wrote a poor girl.

Not only this, a user named Suhani Verma wrote, "If these two dresses are not worn as well, then people will see you more, because of girls like you, the act of rape is encouraged, which is the victim of little girls. ". After this, some people even started calling Sumona.

Thousands of Bad comments about Sumona have been written in the comments box and it includes comments of women, overall it can be said that no one has liked these pictures of Sumona on social media and people expressed their anger on their Drawn up.