Bigg Boss 14: Disha Parmar sent a reply to Rahul's marriage proposal, 


On Disha Parmar's 26th birthday, Rahul Vaidya expressed his love for her on national television. Rahul got down on his knees, took out a ring, turned towards the camera, and asked the question from the direction. He wore a T-shirt where he wrote "Marry Me?" She also wished her a happy birthday by making a heart on a t-shirt with lipstick. Since then, Rahul has been reluctant to know the answer from the direction. After a long wait of 11 days, Disha has finally sent her reply to Rahul's marriage proposal.

In Saturday's Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 14, an MPL caller of the week asked Rahul if he had received a response to Disha's proposal. Rahul expressed disappointment that he has not yet received any kind of reply from the direction. He requested the phone caller to contact him on social media and asked him to send his reply.

Salman joked that Disha does not watch the show, therefore, she has not yet sent her reply.

But Disha seems to be following every episode of Bigg Boss 14. And after watching the episode of Weekend-wise, the actress has finally sent her reaction to Rahul's proposal.

Disha tweeted and said, "I have sent my reply." In her first tweet, Disha expressed her thoughts saying, "Oh my God !!" He then added a laughing loud emoji and a picture of the monkey closing his eyes with his hands. However, he did not say whether he was yes or not.