Bigg Boss 13: As soon as Shahnaz's brother enters the house, Siddharth gets caught in the trap


In Bigg Boss, there is a family task before the finale, every contestant has come to the house, his brother Shahbaz Badesha is coming to make Shahnaz Gill's birthday special in the Bigg Boss house, with Shahbaz cake in the upcoming episode. Sister will surprise Shahnaz. Shehnaaz's happiness with the arrival of her brother in the house is not the place.

Let me tell you that Shahnaz's brother has started playing the game as soon as he comes home, he is seen provoking Siddharth against Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma. Shahbaz said to Siddharth - Paras and Mahira try to separate you and Shahnaz, these people are breaking you. When you go out and see Siddhartha, you will know that the best princess is with you and no one else was there.

Also, Shahbaz warns Shahnaz to stay away from Rashmi, Shahbaz said not to talk to Rashmi, she has said that Shahnaz is a zero without Siddharth. It has to be seen how seriously Siddharth Shukla takes these things of Shahbaz, and whether Shahnaz's relationship with Rashmi is spoiled after listening to his brother.